City Services

Our Core Values

The values listed provide guidance to team members on how they should interact with one another and the public as we serve our community. An organization-wide effort that included City Council and every employee led to the defining of the City's core values.

  • Honesty/Integrity: We understand that in order to maintain the public's trust we must hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct, honesty, and fairness.
  • Respect: We value all citizens and team members, treating everyone with dignity, courtesy, and professionalism.
  • Equality: We have a responsibility to treat all citizens and team members fairly and with respect.
  • Diversity: We strive to be representative, open-minded, and flexible as we recognize and respect the diverse ideas, expressions, traditions, and experiences of our community and team members.
  • Balance: We recognize the various interests in our community and organization and believe we can achieve stability with realistic expectations regarding service levels, resources, costs, and benefits.
  • Competency: Our commitment to high-level service begins with a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable team capable of meeting the community's needs.
  • Teamwork: We are committed to working with our citizens and team members in an environment where we are supportive of each other's efforts, loyal to one another, and communicate openly.
  • Service Excellence: We take pride in our community and the services we provide, always doing our best to meet the needs of our residents, businesses, and visitors with care and professionalism.