Cemetery & Grounds


To provide quality services, consistent with responsible fiscal and environmental stewardship, to support the landscape maintenance and landscape construction needs of the City and its citizens. To provide professional care and maintenance of cemetery grounds and open spaces to preserve a peaceful and dignified memorial.

Municipal Cemeteries

The City of Clinton opened its first municipal cemetery in 1889. We have expanded our areas over the years to currently provide a total of three cemeteries: Springvale, Sandhill, and Clinton Cemetery. A list of rules and operating procedures are associated with our cemeteries.

The Springvale and Clinton Cemeteries adjoin one another off Elizabeth and Main Streets. Currently, plot sales are available in the 5th addition for upright and flat headstones while the 4th addition has been set aside for mausoleums only. The Sandhill Cemetery located just off Sampson Street has opened the 6th addition and offers plot sales for upright or flat stones. 

Colonel John Sampson HeadstoneMemorial

Colonel John Sampson Cemetery plot sales were closed many years ago. No plots are available in this section. Many of our Civil War Veterans have been laid to rest on these grounds. Due to the historical significance of this cemetery, it is protected against vandalism by two locked gates.