Historic Preservation Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 5 p.m.
  • 2nd Monday of every month
  • City Hall Auditorium


In May of 2003, a Historic Preservation Commission was appointed by the Clinton City Council. The appointment provides the Commission the legal authority to review and regulate proposed changes to buildings, landscaping, and archaeological resources in locally designated historic districts. At this time the Clinton Downtown National Register Commercial District is the only locally designated district within the City of Clinton. By such regulation the City of Clinton and the Historic Preservation Commission hope to achieve the following goals for these areas:

  • Protection of Clinton's heritage
  • Encouragement of the efforts of area residents to conserve the environment of the Clinton Downtown Local Historic District
  • Retention of the historic character of the building stock by the regulation of alterations
  • Regulation of the design of new structures to assure their compatibility with existing structures

Certificate of Appropriateness

Any changes to the exteriors of the following in the districts require a Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF) indicating that the proposed changes and improvements are compatible with the historic character of the district:

  • Archaeological Resources
  • Buildings
  • Construction of Additions or New Buildings
  • Landscaping
  • Signs
  • Streetscapes

Normal maintenance items do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness (see page 23 of the Design Guidelines (PDF) for the Clinton Historic Commercial District and Landmarks). Design criteria and guidelines are meant to assist the property owner in making decisions about compatible improvements and also to provide a standard by which the Historic Preservation Commission may evaluate the appropriateness of such improvements.