Backflow & Cross-Connections

Backflow and Cross-Connections

Why We Need Backflow & Cross-Connection Control

Plumbing cross-connections, which are defined as actual or potential connections between a potable and non-potable water supply, can be a public health hazard. Any loss of pressure in the water system can create a potential backflow or cross-connection issue. A loss of pressure can occur any time water is cut off to part of the system, whether that's at a household facet, a commercial business using water, or even a home lawn sprinkler system. When running water is turned off, the loss of pressure in the tap may cause water to 'backflow' into the tap, and potentially back into the potable water system.

Backflow in the water system can be direct or indirect. Indirect backflow or back-siphonage occurs when the low-pressure flow of the water system creates a vacuum that pulls unwanted water into the system. Direct backflow or back-pressure occurs when undesirable water or contaminants are forced into the system by overcoming the system pressure with a pump or other device

How We Prevent Backflow & Cross-Connection

Disconnection from non-potable sources of water is the primary method of cross-connection prevention. When this is not possible, the use of a backflow or cross-connection control device ensures the safety of our potable water.

The City of Clinton, like other cities throughout the U.S, has adopted a Cross-Connection Control Ordinance, Chapter 22, Article VII. According to this ordinance, installation, testing, and maintenance of the assembly is the responsibility of the customer and must be conducted by licensed and/or certified individuals as listed in this ordinance. The City of Clinton requires every residential, commercial and industrial water consumer (with or without fire suppression systems) to have a containment assembly or device installed at each point of separation between the public water supply and a private service or private distribution system or at the point of metering.

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