Royal Lane Pool


Non-swimmers supervising children in the pool may have their entry fee waived at staff discretion.
Rate Description
Children (12 & Under)
Adults (13 to 54)
Seniors (55 & Over)
Daily Rates
$1.00 Per Person $2.00 Per Person $1.00 Per Person


Swimming Lessons

Lesson Description
City Fee (Resident)
County Fee (Non-Resident)
Aquatic Programming See Administratively

Swim Lesson

Classes have limited numbers. For more information, call Bellamy Recreation Center at 910-299-4900 ext. 3065.

Pool Rental

Rental Description
Rental Fee
City Fee (Residents)
$100 2 Hours (6-8PM) Includes 2 lifeguards
County Fee (Non-Residents)
$150 2 Hours (6-8PM) Includes 2 lifeguards

Additional Rental Fees

Rental fees guarantee pool reservation. There will be no rentals on holidays. Rentals with more than one hundred people require a staff member other than a lifeguard to be present. 

If a police presence is requested or recommended by the Recreation Director, the fee is $20 per hour per officer (1 officer per 100 people). For profit events are not permitted at Royal Lane Pool.