Neighborhood Improvement Team

The Neighborhood Improvement Team (NIT) is the investigative section of the Clinton Police Department. NIT conducts investigations involving criminals violations, drug complaints, city code violations, and other quality of life issues that affect the city such as Animal Control, Medicine Drop, Property and Evidence Management and School Resource Officer. The team is commanded by a Lieutenant and a Sergeant and consists of four investigators.

NIT officers can be contacted at 910-592-3105.

  1. Alert Sign Up
  2. Animal Control
  3. Medicine Drop
  4. Property & Evidence Management
  5. School Resource Officer

Clinton Police Department (CPD) is launching the CPD Alert System, a new feature of tip411, to the public who needs direct interaction with us. Alerts are sent to subscribers via text messages (SMS) and email. Alerts will be under these categories: Crime Watch, Events, Traffic and Weather information.

Alert subscription is completely free of charge and easy to sign up. 

  1. Simply go to tip411 sign up alerts website or Clinton Police Department Facebook page.
  2. Select 'Sign Up Alerts' tab from the left-hand side menu bar.
  3. Fill out your email address, postal code, and password for sign up. Postal code is needed to find your nearest Law Enforcement Agency. Entering the postal code 28328 will ensure the general public will receive alerts from Clinton Police Department


Citizens are welcome to contact Clinton Police Department at 910-592-3105 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. if they have any question about signing up for CPD Alert System. We would be glad to answer any questions and walk you through the sign up process.

Clinton Police Department believes that this alert system will assist the general public greatly in receiving valuable information and interact with CPD. Let's help build a better and greater community! Be alert, expect the unexpected!