Recreation & Parks Master Plan

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Master Plan- Recreation

Purpose of the Master Plan

The City of Clinton Recreation and Parks Master Plan is a long-range planning document that is meant to help shape the direction and development of the City’s parks and recreation facilities. This plan considers previous planning documents, department goals, existing conditions, and assessment of needs to develop a strategic vision for parks and recreation in Clinton. This vision will serve as a framework for proposed recommendations and prioritization strategies. This plan is the first Comprehensive Plan undertaken by the Recreation and Parks Department. It is informed by earlier studies that include the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the Economic Development Strategic 5-Year Plan, and the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan. These plans illustrate the City’s desire to improve the quality of life for its residents, while maintaining the character that makes Clinton unique. These goals are central to developing excellent parks, recreation facilities and program opportunities for a diverse, growing population. Establishing community-defined priorities will help direct the Recreation and Parks Department, maximizing its effectiveness. This Master Plan provides that framework, and ensures that Clinton continues to be a desirable community for people to live, work and play.