Crime Prevention

Community interaction provides the framework for the Clinton Police Department's crime prevention effort. Preventing crime demands a citizen and police integrated and coordinated response. This process includes education and police services that take proactive approaches. For more information about crime prevention, go to North Carolina Department of Public Safety: Crime Prevention.

Personal Firearm Log

The Clinton Police Department strongly recommend citizens to keep a personal firearm log for your firearms. Click personal firearm log(PDF) for the information. 

Property Registration

The Clinton Police Department has a property registration program (PDF) for bicycles and electronic devices like laptops and video games. Registration can be done by bringing the item to the Police Department where office staff will photograph the item and enter the make, model, and serial number into the department's record system. For additional information or for answers to questions about the process call the Clinton Police Department at 910-592-3105.

Vacation Security Checks/Escorts

Home security checks are offered to citizens who leave for vacation and want the police to check on their residence in their absence. Citizens wanting this service will need to go to the Clinton Police Department at 222 Lisbon Street, to fill out a Residence Check Form (PDF).

Security escorts are provided to businesses making bank deposits for their business. Escorts may be obtained by calling 910-592-1151. An officer will respond to the business and then follow the representative to the bank while s/he makes the deposit.


  1. Identity Theft
  2. Opioid Overdose Awareness
  3. Vehicle Security
  4. Victim's Assistance
  5. FAQs

The crime of identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in America. The Clinton Police Department recognizes that these types of crimes can have a devastating effect on a person's life. Education provides information to help prevent citizens from becoming victims. It is also important to know what to do when prevention fails because dealing with financial institutions, businesses, and the legal system can be confusing. 

The department has provided information from the North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act and federal bank regulatory agencies to help you. Additional information may be obtained from the Federal Trade Commission. If you have questions about identity theft or find yourself a victim of this crime, contact the Clinton Police Department at 910-592-3105.

  1. Tips from CPD
  2. Guidelines for Safety at Home

Tips from the Clinton Police Department

  • Always lets a family member or colleague know your plans, appointments, or outings.
  • Stay alert. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Choose to walk in busy areas that are well lit at night. Try not to walk or jog alone.
  • Always carry your purse closed to your body and keep a firm grip on it.
  • Carry a whistle on your key chain. If you are in trouble attract attention in any way you can.
  • When using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), try to use one in a well lit, busy, public place. Avoid using an ATM after dark when possible. Be aware of your surroundings while at the machine.
  • If traveling by motor vehicle, keep doors locked and windows rolled up.
  • Know the area you are in.
  • Make sure your car stays in good operating condition and be aware of the fuel level. Keep a flashlight, spare tire, and jumper cables with you.
  • Park in well-lit areas. Lock your vehicle when you leave.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
  • Stay in your car if it breaks down. If someone stops to help you, lower your window only slightly and request they telephone a police officer for you.
  • Continue driving if someone tries to stop or follow you. Proceed to a well-lit business or the police station before stopping.
  • Do not lead someone to your home. Keep your car in gear at stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Keep your purse and other valuables out of sight or remove them when you park your vehicle.
  • Marking your property with an Owner Applied Number such as your driver's license number makes it identifiable anywhere, anytime in the United States whether it has been lost or stolen.
  • Register bicycles and electronics like laptops with the Clinton Police Department Property Registration Program.