Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is normal maintenance routine where a tremendous water velocity in the mains are created. The routine serves several very important functions:

  • The mechanical integrity of the fire hydrant is tested.
  • The velocity removes the buildup of a chemical which we feed into the system. This lining prevents the water from coming in direct contact with the lead and copper components located in some of our older homes.
  • Any mineral deposits from our water source, such as iron and manganese, are removed.
  • Our workers test the flow characteristics of the hydrant and often a closed water main value in the system is easily detected.


Our flushing modules are conducted from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. while our customers sleep. This is done to protect you from the system shakeup which occurs during the high velocity flows. The modules are designed upon a set sequence which offers unidirectional flow of the mains and always terminates at dead end lines. In general, the flushing program begins at the elevated tanks and concludes at the extremities of the system.

The flushing program uses a tremendous amount of water; therefore, we generally conduct the program between the low usage months of November through March. To be advised of our schedule, tune into the Government Cable Channel.