Wastewater Treatment


To provide safe, sanitary and compliant treatment of wastewater for our citizens, businesses, and industries in order to protect public and environmental health. To ensure environmental resources are preserved for our citizens and in order to foster the economic viability of our community.

Larkins Water Pollution Control Facility

The City of Clinton owns and operates the Larkins Water Pollution Control Facility, which is frequently recognized as one of the most advanced tertiary biological wastewater treatment facilities in the state. The facility is permitted for an average daily flow of 5 million gallons and subject to the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (DWR) most stringent effluent discharge limits. The facility currently receives half of its design flow capacity. A gallon of wastewater will remain under immediate supervised treatment for approximately 72 hours before being discharged into Williams Old Mill Branch. You can view annual performance report.

Our NPDES Permit (PDF) requires that the facility be staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by a State Certified Operator. During the course of an average day, our certified lab and staff conduct approximately 95 analytical tests to monitor the ongoing biological process and the DWR influent and effluent limit parameters.


The overall operation has many constituents that include the operation of: