Vision, Mission, & Goals

Our Vision

A City of beauty and opportunity whose leadership is dedicated to providing its diverse citizenry a quality of life unsurpassed in the region.

Our Mission

To be a City rich in tradition and beauty with clean, safe neighborhoods, sound infrastructure, and opportunities for future generations.

Our Goals

Quality Job Growth

  • Maintain business-friendly processes and policies to support existing business and attract a variety of new businesses

Financial Sustainability

  • Support fiscal policies and controls that ensure the long-term financial health of the City and enable it to respond to unforeseen challenges and opportunities
  • Promote responsible management and use of public resources to ensure efficient and effective delivery of quality services

Welcoming Neighborhoods & Public Spaces

  • Ensure public safety and city cleanliness through community-focused public safety, code enforcement, planning policies, and quality maintenance of public spaces and facilities

Affordable & Varied Housing Opportunities

  • Encourage housing of different types, densities, sizes, costs, and location that meet the needs and preferences of an economically and socially diverse community
  • Preserve existing housing supply and assure its continued quality and safety

Sound & Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Construct and maintain efficient and accessible roadway, sidewalk, and greenway systems to extend internal and regional connectivity
  • Provide high-quality water and wastewater services while protecting natural resources and ensuring capacity for sustainable growth

Enhanced Quality of Life

  • Advance the beauty, diversity, and well-being of Clinton by supporting the community's ability to provide an array of education, recreational, and cultural activities, events and programs for residents and visitors of all ages, abilities, and interests