Water & Sewer Line Maintenance

To safely provide quality potable water and sanitary sewer service and maintenance, meeting or exceeding all federal, state, and local laws and regulations while providing outstanding customer service.  To maintain and improve on existing infrastructure, and to strategically promote sustainable growth.

A crew of 9 is responsible for the supervision, maintenance, integrity, and repair of approximately 91 miles of wastewater collection lines with 61 simplex lift stations, 1612 manholes, and approximately 3,550 connections.  The crew is also responsible for 88 miles of water transmission mains, 589 fire hydrants, and 4,134 water connections. Crew leaders must be State Certified in Collection Systems Operation and Backflow/and Cross-Connection prevention.

The Division's daily routine involves fixing water leaks, clearing blocked sewer lines, making new connections to the system, meter repair and reading, hydrant flushing and pressure testing, and the supervision of roadway utility cuts.  Fees for new connections may be found on the Fee Schedule.  Associated staffing conducts monthly bacteriological sampling of drinking water at random locations throughout the city. In addition, periodic tests are performed searching for line breaks, cross connections, etc., in the city's sewer mains. 

Sewerage system blockages and overflows can be hazardous and very costly for you and the City. Overflows may occur due to the wrong types of items (like Fats, Oils, and Grease or so-called "flushable" wipes) being put down toilets and/or drains. To learn how a sewer blockage affects the sewer system refer to this flyer (bilingual). To find out more about Sanitary Sewer Overflows, read this brochure. To learn about the City's requirements for commercial grease interceptors, please refer to this informational brochure, or contact the City's Environmental Programs Manager at (910) 299-4912 M-F from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. An Grease Interceptor Cleaning and Maintenance Log is available here for download and use.

This operation is a 24 hour per day and 7 days per week detail. Telephone calls made to the City at any time of the day will generally have an employee response in a matter of minutes. For after hour emergencies call (910) 592-1151.

As a utility owner, we share the street right-of-way with several other agents and we make all efforts to protect each other. At any given location in the City you may find an area the size of a table top where electric, natural gas, telephone, cable TV, water and sewer utilities are all present underground. Please call 1-800-632-4949 before you dig.

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