Business License/Privilege Licenses

Anyone operating a business or conducting business within the City of Clinton is required to contact the Planning and Development Department at (910) 299-4909 to ensure that the business is zoned appropriately.  Any business that is an itinerant merchant/peddler (see definition here) needs to contact the Clinton Police Department at (910) 592-3105.  Any business engaging in selling alcoholic beverages is required to contact the Billing and Collections Department at (910) 299-4909.

 Beer on premises  $15.00
 Beer off premises  $  5.00
 Wine on premises Fortified/Unfortified  $15.00
 Wine off premises Fortified/Unfortified  $10.00
 Beer & Wine dealer (wholesale)  $62.50
 Beer (wholesale)  $37.50
 Wine (wholesale)  $37.50
 Mixed Beverages (with purchase of beer & wine licenses only)  $0.00
 Itinerant Merchant  
 By vehicle  $25.00
 By foot  $25.00
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