Yard Debris & Items

Yard debris is defined as limbs no larger than 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length. Wood chips and grass clippings must always be containerized for collection. Loose leaves are acceptable in neat piles at curbside October 15th through February 15th. All other times, loose leaves must be in a container as well. These collections are usually done by hand with manual tools and must be of manageable size.

Trash is defined as items such as:

  • Baskets
  • Broken Yard Tools
  • Discarded Clothing
  • Items That May Be Located in a Storage Building
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Small Household Articles

However, appliances, mattresses, furniture, and large items are not accepted curbside. For this type pick-up service, residents must call 910-299-4905 and request a special pick-up and pay a $40 per truckload fee at City Hall, prior to pick-up.

Cleanup Week

Twice a year, historically during the spring and fall, City Council approves a special cleanup week. During this time, we are allowed to relax our policies and collect items which are normally not allowed. Some examples of these are tires, batteries, furniture, large appliances.

Items Not Collected

There are some items which, even during our Special Cleanup Week, are not allowed for collection. These would include lead based paint, motor oils, lubricants, and home construction related debris. However, some items are not allowed because of potential damage to the collection equipment.